Poop Eating Chat Lines

Poop Eating Chat Lines
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Welcome to our hardcore poop eating chat lines. This crazy phone sex number is only for the sickest and twisted individuals who get off on all things taboo. This adult chat number is not for those who can’t handle getting kinky over the phone with a debauched vixen who’ll pervert your mind with her filthy mouth. If ass licking phone sex is what you’re all about you’re going to fall in love with our poop-eating chat lines because here, anything goes. Get on your hands and knees and bury your face between the ass cheeks of a dirty chat girl who loves to have her dirty bunghole licked by strangers like you.

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If you’re lucky she may even shit in your mouth so that you can taste her ultimate stench. Make things easier for our scat-loving babes by lying on your back so that they can squat over your face while they take a hot dump. Be warned, some of our girls have runny bellies so their shit will come out of them like a liquid. Let it spill all over your face so that you can lick every last bit of it up on our hardcore scat phone sex numbers. The poop-eating chat lines at Foxy Domination Chat are as obscene as they come. It’s not enough for our phone sex-loving whores to take a shit on your chest; they want you to eat it too.

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On our hardcore shit-eating sex numbers it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet; our girls won’t stop until your stomach is full so make sure that you’re hungry before you call us. Once you’ve had your fill our girls will be grateful if you could shove your throbbing cock deep into their shitty arsehole and fuck them until they’re full of your creamy seed. There’s nothing that the girls on our hardcore scat numbers love more than having their backdoors ploughed over and over again. The only thing that we advise you not to do when you call our hardcore poop eating chat lines is to hold back. This UK scat sex number was created so that you can go all out when you call us for kinky sex on the phone.

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Our girls want to get to know you, the real you. Our girls want to hear all about your disgusting fantasies whilst you lick the shit out of their arses, so don’t let them down. Our shit-eating sex numbers are open now, so don’t deny yourself the pleasure of eating a disgusting brownie out of the arse of a horny babe. Our girls have had a big lunch, so they’re ready and waiting to empty their stomachs into the mouth of a kinky caller. The stuff that comes out of the arses of our phone sex loving girls is finger-licking good, so you don’t want to miss out on having cheap scat phone sex today.